Monday, May 29, 2006


So, I look in my email inbox yesterday and I see there's an email from Brad; a very succinct email at that. Subject: When are you going to start blogging again? Body: nothing. So to answer his question, I guess I restart now. Sorry for the absence. I dropped off the radar first because of school. I just got too busy with trying to keep my grades up, and I guess I got a little apathetic too. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy blogging; I did, otherwise I wouldn't have been doing it for so long (December 2004, for anyone that's interested.) I can't really explain why I stopped; I guess it's a combination of me being busy and me thinking I didn't really have anything new to contribute. Then aftedr school got out, I really have no excuse. (I ended up with a 2.98 cum. GPA, which isn't spectacular, but is better than the 2.47 I ended up with last semester.) Anyway, after school got out I just got lazy, and lazier, and lazier...I'm working 10-12 hours a day, and I just had other stuff I wanted to do with my free time, I guess. No matter, it ends now (which is actually ironic, since I'll be going on vacation in a few days and internet connectivity will be it ends now, for a few days, and then ends again when I get back from vacation.)