Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blogroll additions

First, make sure to check out my post below...I want to make P-day a big success.

Second, I just got done adding some links to my blogroll. Desert Odyssey is the blog of a USAF Major who just got back from a deployment to the Middle East and has a lot to say about both that particular area and the Air Force in general. Canada to Kandahar is a blog written by a Canadian soldier who just deployed into Afghanistan. Then there's in Defense, which is written by a guy going through Army basic training. Guidons, Guidons, Guidons is written by an Army helo pilot, so you know he's wacky. Also, he's just added a new feature..."Girl Friday." This week's feature was the 2004 Playmate of the year. Yummy. The Agitator is a blog with a decidedly libertarian bent written by Radley Balko. He's the one who broke the Corey Maye story. Finally, the less serious blogs. First, two of my college friends, Danny and Kush both have their own blogs. Danny lives in my dorm and writes about his various encounters/adventures at parties and such...if you've ever been to, that's kind of what Danny is shooting for. Kush is a fellow cadet who is a few years older than me; he writes about personal stuff with some political commentary interjected in.

Last, there's Blogs4Bauer, which got its own paragraph because Jack Bauer is, in fact, the most kick-ass tv persona to ever grace the screen (with the possible exception of Chuck Norris). I think we can all agree that if we had just one Jack Bauer in real life, the War on Terror would be over. Not because we would defeat the enemy, but because they would surrender in droves simply because we had Jack Bauer. The man can go 24 hours without using the toilet, can make it across the entire city of L.A. in under 3 minutes, has a hot daughter, and knows how to open a "socket" to access a "terminal" and view some "schematics."