Monday, February 13, 2006

Brad Kasal

While watching the local news in the hellish 30 minutes in which there is absolutely no coverage of the Olympics on ANY station, I noticed an interesting story. The lead in was discussing a local Marine hero being honored at the Statehouse. Then they showed the famous "pistol Marine" picture of Brad Kasal being helped out of a house in Fallujah, severely wounded but still gripping his pistol ready for the fight. Turns out that Sgt. Kasal was given a standing ovation by all present and honored with a house resolution. Unknown to me, Sgt. Kasal is actually from a small town in Iowa. I missed that fact in all the internet material about Sgt. Kasal. Anyway, just thought I'd point out a way the local government in this country is taking time to honor a hero.

Need more info about Sgt. Kasal? Look here.

Thanks to Mudville's open post!