Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Free Speech

You may be asking, why did I assemble 7 images that, in one way or another, are offensive to different groups of American society. The answer, of course, is that I can. I have the freedom to hold any ideas that I want, say anything about those ideas that I want, and draw any sort of images to support those ideas. Do I agree with the sentiments expressed by these drawings? No, of course not. Each drawing is, in some way, offensive and I dont particularly enjoy offending people, especially when it comes to the beliefs they hold most dear. But all that said, I still am willing to die for the right of anyone in this country to be able to create these "works of art." (Use of scare quotes intentional.)

Along with free speech comes freedom of choice, which is why, starting today, the two cartoons of Muhammed (GFAP)* will be added to my sidebar, along with a banner supporting Denmark. Why? Because Christians did not riot when Piss Christ came out, Jews did not burn Saudi flags when a Saudi state-run newspaper printed the image of a swastika imposed over a Star of David, and the military did not stage a coup when a cartoonist made light of wounded soldiers. No, only Middle-Eastern Muslims chose to stage a temper-tantrum, showing yet again their society's social retardation, and obliquely proving the point of the cartoonists.

Regardless, the most basic reason why I'm adding those cartoons is because I can. Which is what this is all about, of course.

*You may be wondering what exactly GFAP is about...as I was reading QandO's take on this cartoon situation and free speech, they made reference to the fact that whenever the BBC mentioned Muhammed, they feel it necessary to add (PBUH) like it is appearing in an Islamic holy text or something. For those of you that don't know, PBUH stands for "Peace be upon Him." I decided to add my own postscript...if you must know, it stands for "Go f**k a pig."