Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two things

Posting will be light the next couple of days because it's crunch time for a research project. It involves a solar powered airplane, and Murphy's Law is alive and well on this one. Plane got put on backorder, solar cells were late, engine/battery wiring is kludged to hell...so yeah, this weekend isn't going to be very much fun.

Anyway, the first thing is a video you must watch. The title is "MySpace: the movie." It makes fun of everything that is wrong with the way today's average teenager uses the internet.


Cassie Johnson, skip for the U.S. women's curling team and new hottie among the guys of AFROTC Det. 250. A bit of background: a few Mondays ago I was up late finishing some homework when I realized that the Olympics were on. I turned on the TV, and to my surprise curling was on. This led to a two week addiction to the sport, which proceeded to take over both my dorm floor, and the Det. 250 wingroom. I had it on in the wingroom one day the first week of the Olympics, and by the time the gold medal game rolled around every day at 1600 the wingroom TV was tuned to CNBC to get our curling fix. While the men's team occupied a fair amount of our attention (because they're good; they won bronze) the women's team took the lion's share, basically because they're young; most of them are around our age. Anyway, one thing led to another and Cassie Johnson, the skip (aka- captain) of the team became the object of our fixation. And by fixation, I mean that myself and a couple of cadets are definitely going to form an intermural team next year, and are quite possibly going to take a little jaunt up to Bemidji, MN where the team is from. You really should look into curling; it is a blast.

Finally, even if you don't like curling, you should check out this calendar. While Cassie isn't featured, there are several other attractive female curlers from across the world who decided to pose to raise money for their respective programs. If you like curling, this is a must buy.

Hell, if you like attractive females, this is a must buy.