Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beggers being choosers

We all know the old saying "beggers can't be choosers." Apparently, in Kenya, they can.

"NAIROBI (AFP) - Officials in drought-stricken Kenya recoiled with outrage to a plan by a New Zealand woman to send "dog food" for starving children, even as she said the product was fit for human consumption.Describing the idea as "absurd," "insulting," "offensive" and "immoral," officials vehemently rejected the donation for children threatened by famine and said they would put measures in place to prevent any similar assistance.

The would-be donor, Christine Drummond, has told the New Zealand media her donation differed from the pet food, though made with the same ingredients, and she and her children eat it."

I doubt the people who are starving really care about what they're eating or who their food comes from. But hey, we can't lose face in front of the world, even if it means some of our citizens will die.