Thursday, June 08, 2006

New blogroll

Also, a friend of mine has started a new blogroll. The idea started in an IM chat tonight when we were discussing the possibility of me running office someday. I said that I'm much too honest and plain-spoken, to which he replied...
him: i dunno maybe you'd pull an ernie chambers
him: become the most hated and loved person in the state
me: haha
me1: maybe, but not for the same reasons
me: he's that bc he's a racist
me: i would be it bc im a dumbassist
me: i discriminate towards stupid people

Thus was born the idea to create an "I discriminate towards stupid people" blogroll/group. I made the slight adjustment to include one of my favorite phrases, "stuck on stupid." So the finished product is, "I discriminate against those who are 'stuck on stupid.'" Or, for short, dumbassists.

It's listed beneath the LLP blogroll. While it only has two members now, we hope it will grow. Email me at if you'd like to join.