Monday, October 27, 2008


Getting set to register for classes today, find out that two of the 400-level Pol S classes I was planning on registering for aren't being offered. Nothing in the catalog or online that would indicate this, but they just aren't being taught. This throws my schedule for a loop, as both of those classes were fulfilling graduating requirements. Go look up the LAS Arts and Humanities Gen Ed list, find a class on it that looks halfway interesting that is a 300+, go look to see if it's offered, no dice. Repeat this FIVE MORE TIMES (rapidly burning through the short list of classes that I would be even remotely interested ran the gamut from a French Film class to History of Landscape Design) until I finally find one that's offered. Plug everything into the schedule planner and find out that my planned class list doesn't generate any possible schedules (meaning that at least two of the classes I was planning on registering for are only offered once and that they are offered at the same time).

Does anyone know if the University is planning on offering any classes at all this Spring that aren't at the same time?