Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Smoke

No smoke tonight, but have smoked a couple cigars since last time.

First, last Sunday. Smoked a CAO Black Bengal Habano. The Black line is CAO's original, the one that got their business rolling. I can see why that was the case. Somewhat earthy, but not nearly as much so as the Brazilia. The earthiness was balanced out by the lighter wrapper which added some lightness and dryness to the smoke. Finished with a hint of sweetness, vanilla maybe. Driving was on the agenda after smoking (did the white trash thing and smoked on the tailgate of my truck) but I think a medium to heavy beer would've been an appropriate companion for this smoke, something along the lines of a Fat Tire or a Boston Lager.

Next, Friday night I smoked a CAO Brazilia Amazon Maduro. This cigar line comes highly recommended, and I was definitely not disappointed. Very earthy, both in fill and wrap. I think the words "spicy" and "moist" could be used to describe the draw. No real hint of any other flavors other than the earthy, but that is a very all encompassing word. The earthy flavor was quite complex and powerful. I would have liked to have tried this with a couple fingers of Black Label, but unfortunately studying at the Armory was my next activity after the smoke, so alcohol was off limits.

Finally, last night I smoked a La Herencia Cubana Robusto. This came in a Churchill 5 cigar variety pack that I nabbed for next to nothing with the rest of my most recent order. While I wasn't expecting much given the price, I was pleasantly surprised. While the burn was more than a little uneven (I suspect the ridiculous wind we had last night was responsible for some of that) the cigar overall was more than adequate. A relatively mild bodied cigar, the light wrap imparted a lot of dryness. I think a lighter quenching beer would've been the best accompaniment for this cigar, given its dry nature.