Thursday, October 23, 2008


This piece of shit isn't worthy to carry a gun, much less a badge:

h/t: Radley Balko

Every time after one of these incidents you'll hear from cops that it was just a "bad apple" and that most cops aren't like that. I'd like to believe that, but given that the department tried to buy the lady off and wasn't planning on taking any disciplinary action against the guy (pretty much SOP for this type of incident), I keep losing more and more of what little remains of my faith in law enforcement. Organizations define themselves by the actions they take when members step outside the norms of acceptable behavior. If the U.S. military had stood idly by and done nothing to the perpetrators of Abu Ghraib, every single last service member would and should have been lumped in the same with them. I know I certainly would not have wanted to be a member of an organization that condoned such behavior. As such, I find it difficult to accept the excuses from the "good" officers who still remain members of the departments where stuff like this happens.