Monday, October 20, 2008

I lied...

...a few weeks ago when I said I loved John Stossel for doing the video on uneducated voters. I really love him for this series that he did last Friday: "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics." You really need to watch this:

A few thoughts:

- Never forget that John McCain, when discussing McCain-Feingold, described the First Amendment as "quote 'First Amendment rights.'" This would be not the least of the reasons why I can never vote for him. There's a certain degree of pragmatism involved in elections, but how you can support a candidate who values "clean" government and elections (how are those 527 groups working out, Senator?) over the Constitution is beyond me. I suppose if he's elected he'll solemnly swear to preserve, protect, and defend the quote 'Constitution.'

- The section on the bailout basically sums up how I feel about that whole thing. It's called a correction, markets have them just like how people vomit when they drink too much alcohol, and the longer you put it off the worse it eventually is (in both cases), although I think I'd rather get alcohol poisoning than deal with the financial storm that is coming as a result of the bailout.

- The only way the bit on the credit crunch, or a lack thereof, could have gotten any more ironic would have been to show the loan commercials during a commercial break right after a news story on how homeowners can't get loans. I've seen that, by the way.

- I defy anyone to watch this video series and then be able to vote for any of the worthless parasitic pieces of shit politicians that are currently in office.

- Stossel gets bonus points for sneaking in a Bigger Longer and Uncut WWBBD reference.