Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My New Baby

There she is. Saginaw SG M-1 Carbine, serial number 3284195. Also pictured is the replica carrying case, two 30 round mags (including one original USGI spec manufactured by FN), 1 15 rounder, and, because every good gun layout needs a knife, my Ka-Bar.

The other side:Close up on the receiver:Close up of the action:(Poor) sight picture:Close up of the end of the stock and cartouche:
Close up of the barrel. Parkerizing (the finish) is still in great condition, which I'm very happy about.

View of the working end:
The next three photos are of various areas of the handguard and stock that have some sort of cut or gouge:That's pretty much it for major damage to the furniture. They're noticeable, but they could be a lot worse.

Here she is ready to go kill some Germans and/or Japanese:And here she is ready to kill some Commies:
Like I said earlier, overall I'm very pleased. A little worn, but all things considered not bad at all. Ammo has been ordered and we should be seeing how she shoots within a couple of weeks.