Sunday, June 15, 2008

Range Report

Like I mentioned earlier, I shot a HK USP when I hit the range last weekend. Sorry it's taken so long to get up (that's what she said); I worked 60 hours last week and then spent 8 hours Saturday helping a co-worker take down a tree at his house. So all together I spent close to 70 hours outside doing landscape related things. Anyway, on to the gun:
I was pretty impressed, as one should be when shooting a fine German manufactured Heckler and Koch piece of machinery. The one I was shooting was a full size frame chambered in .40 S&W. Every time I shoot that particular round I like it a little more. My future carry handgun purchase will definitely be chambered in it.

Back to the USP, I think the thing I was most impressed with was the DA trigger pull. Not nearly as heavy as other DA/SA handguns I have shot. While I'm not a 1911 SA external safety nazi, I do like the versatility provided by having a DA/SA pistol with an external safety enabling it to be carried cocked and locked if you want but also allowing you to carry it DA and not having to have a ridiculously heavy trigger pull.

Shooting the gun was a pleasure. The weakest link in the accuracy equation was of course me, but I still managed to shoot some pretty tight groups considering how out of practice I am. Recoil was very manageable and I was able to reacquire sight picture quickly. Unlike other DA/SA guns cough*Beretta*cough, I actually enjoyed decocking the gun and shooting it in DA.

Overall, if it wasn't so damned expensive, I would definitely be buying one. As it is, it's definitely on my list of guns to buy someday.