Monday, June 16, 2008

Change? Anybody have any change?

Good writeup in the WSJ about "change," the economy, how things aren't really that screwed up, and how the only real problem is government involvement. Money quote:

In contrast to what some people seem to believe, having the government take over the health-care system is not change. It's just a culmination of previous moves by government. And the areas with the worst problems today are areas that have the most government interference – education, health care and energy.

The best course of action is to allow a free-market economy to reallocate resources to the place of highest returns. In the midst of all the natural change, the last thing the U.S. economy needs is more government involvement, whether it's called change or not.

(emphasis mine)
Yeah, pretty much.

We don't have any change because they TOOK YER JOB!

h/t: Radley Balko