Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mid-Week Rock

A twofer in honor of the GAO's KC-X decision:

And speaking of the decision, Congress and defense contractors, please stop acting like you give a shit about the warfighters. All you are interested in is money and jobs for your districts, and that's fine (well, in the defense contractors case, anyway), but continuing this talk about "delivering the best product for the warfighter" makes you sound like even bigger slimeballs. If you actually cared, you would've gotten this aircraft to the USAF 10 years ago. But you didn't. And now the Stratopigs are going to be 80+ years old (and counting) before we get them all off to the boneyard.

Oh, and if the chief of Air Force aquisitions hasn't been fired already, he or she needs to be. I'm kind of curious if anyone in that AFSC actually knows how to do their job. Judging from their awesome track record (KC-X, CSAR-X, Thundervision, etc.), I doubt it.