Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I Learned Last Saturday

1) The (redacted) on the (redacted) in my (redacted) is NOT removable.

2) When you put (redacted) Volts through a (redacted) and contact the (redacted) of the (redacted), it makes some really cool orange sparks.

3) Playing with circuit breakers is fun.

4) It was nice to find out that not only does my apartment have the know how and tools to get ourselves into a bad situation, but we have the know how and tools to get ourselves out of the same situation.

5) A household lamp plugged into the backup power supply for a computer workstation makes for a nice makeshift worklight.

Information redacted in the above to protect the guilty. Email me or contact me offline to hear the whole story. It's a doozy.

6) All you really need to create a bonfire out of a soaked pile of brush in the rain is a couple of lighters, 20 or so empty feed sacks, 4-5 gallons of gasoline and some lighter fluid, and (here's the important part) a couple of Eagle Scouts.

7) However, several D-Cell LED Maglites and a keg of beer certainly help things.

All in all, considering that it involved electricity, multimeters, tools, a Leatherman, flashlights, Gojo, circuit breakers, unnecessarily breaking and then fixing something, lighters, gasoline, a fire so big that I still smell faintly like smoke 3 days after the fact, and beer, I'd say it was the manliest Saturday I've had in awhile.