Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A memo

Addressed to everyone who uses the pedestrian crosswalk light on Pammel south of Moly-Bio -

While I understand the need to cross the street safely (although some of you of a certain nationality drop that head and shuffle across so fast that if you dropped the backpack that carries every single book for all of your classes that day you would probably beat me in the 100 meter dash), I have to point out that it is probably not necessary to push the button to activate the light when you are able to subsequently make it across 2/3rds of the street before the light even changes. That might be construed as a sign that you would be able to make it across the street without stopping traffic. Just a thought.

Also, for future reference: the next time I'm at the intersection when a class lets out of Moly-Bio and the mass of people continues to cross the street after the light has changed, I can't be held responsible for my actions. Just view it as thinning out the herd.