Sunday, March 09, 2008

KQ Victory

Well, we won, repeating our domination of last year. Our "rivals" from Anders were 400 points behind while the next closest team was 1400 points behind. I personally spent most of my time in the Google room running the big board (computer hooked up to a projector that we use to display the questions, any possible answers, point value, and a clock), although I did get out a few times in the beginning to take part in the annual "find the emo in campustown" and "find Grizzly Adams in a bar" searches. The Emo was at Jimmy John's and Grizzly Adams was at Olde Main. I was a little upset that I missed the unintentional travel question to Nevada, IA. It was actually supposed to be a question on campus, but someone at KURE got their GPS coordinates crossed and ended up sending half the teams to Nevada. Oops.

Anyway, this year KURE put some of the videos of the event up on YouTube. Anything with the phrase "If God" in it is from the Harwood team from this year, while anything with the phrase "Flaccid with Rage" is from the Harwood team from last year. Two videos are especially worth watching. First, from this year, here's the finale effort. Basically, you had 2-3 hours to put together an '80s themed musical presentation. You had the option to use the video game Rock Band, but since Harwood rocks hardcore we did the music live with real instruments. The premise of our show was that a young Nikola Tesla traveled back in time to the '80s and created a Justice Robot to fight Fidel Castro and his gigantic TI-83+. Couple things to note: yes, we had a kid with a TI-83 costume, make sure to pay attention to the cards being held up in the background of the fight, and the keyboard/monitor that Tesla types at is from an honest to god Apple II.

Second, from last year, we have Team Harwood "ghost riding" the "danger cart" (basically a souped up golf cart.) I took part in this one...I'm in jeans and a brown Carhart. The vehicle isn't exactly street legal, hence the thanks at the beginning.