Friday, March 07, 2008


I will be temporarily unavailable for the next 27 hours due to the awesomeness that is Kaleidoquiz. What is Kaleidoquiz you ask? 26 hours of fun, silliness, and mayhem in and around the Ames area (and maybe elsewhere) run by the campus radio station 88.5 KURE. Every six minutes, for 26 hours, KURE broadcasts a completely random question. You have six minutes to find the answer and phone in. In between the six minute questions, there are scavenger hunts, montages (they piece together 20-30 1-2 second clips of songs and/or movies and you have to figure out what each individual movie/song is), other assorted craziness (like building huge snow forts on central campus) and everyone's favorite, travel questions! In the past, travel questions have ranged both anywhere in and outside of the state of Iowa.

I will be with Team Harwood, hoping to repeat our domination of last year.

See ya Sunday...

Start the clock! Thirty-three Six minutes!