Monday, September 11, 2006

"World remembers 9/11 but many not crying"

So says the AP. And I'd say...well, yeah. The "We are all Americans" sentiment lasted right up until we started to act like Americans again and took decisive action. Then the old reflexive anti-Americanism took over, and things were right back to normal.

(Yes, I know France sent the de Gaulle and troops to Afghanistan. Yes, I know that Germany headed up the NATO mission. And there are plenty of people in both countries and governments that absolutely despise what the U.S. is doing. Take it for what it's worth.)

I found it interesting that of the countries the AP reporter chose to look at, only those we have recently liberated seemed to wholeheartedly thank the U.S.

Anyway, to those who stand with us, thank you. For all our faults, we remember those who are our allies and will never forget.

To those who, for whatever reason, do not:

This country, and those that stand with us, will defend Western civilization as usual while trying to dodge the sniping and backstabbing from those who oppose us at every turn while simultaneously taking the blanket of our protection for granted.