Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why is this news?

So, we're approaching the memorial of a day when 2,996 Americans lost their lives at the hands of murdering Islamo-fascist savages. What better way to help get us in the mood than to remember the "other victims"? Yup, the AP thinks that now is the best time to help us remember that there were some excesses in the immediate days after 9/11, which, although seemingly outrageous in hindsight, are rather benign when considered in the light of being just a few months after almost 3,000 Americans were murdered. But I think Abdallah Higazy, the "victim," says it best:

"Not all the victims of 9/11 were in the twin towers and the Pentagon," he said in a recent interview. "There were other victims, too."

Because, you know, losing your life suddenly on a September day due to a terrorist attack is completely the same as being wrongly imprisoned for a month. Idiot. Between this and the Senate not finding any connection between al-Qaida and Saddam my blood pressure is about to go through the roof.

Just remember this kind of masochistic tripe when we wonder why we've lost the will to fight.

And if you want to start remembering the day in a more appropriate fashion, just head over to SJS's place and start scrolling. He was at the Pentagon on the 11th of September and has posted his memories...really powerful stuff.