Monday, September 04, 2006

This space intentionally left blank

Yeah, so...Tarmac Saturday, not so much. It turned into Tarmac Sunday, and then it turned into "next week." It's time to beg forgiveness from you, my readers, for the world has conspired against me, and more importantly, against your Tarmac Saturday. I'm home in Omaha this weekend, to see some friends and to try and kick this nasty NASTY cold I've been suffering through for the past week. I think it was something in the air in my new apartment, because I feel 110% better now that I've been out of there for a few days. But anyway, if I haven't been sleeping, eating, helping my family out, or doing homework, I've been hanging out with a couple of people here in O-town; one a certain female, the rest my old high school buddies. So that has cut the blogging time to about nil. But, you ask, why didn't I post it ahead of time? That would be where the world conspired against me. Being sick as hell, starting pt for the semester, having the first real honest to god week of schoolwork, and being sick as hell (mentioned twice on purpose) will tend to curtail the amount of time one has to blog, especially when one also has to spend 6 hours Thursday afternoon/evening helping ISU DPS herd drunken college students around while they're trying to park. It was FUN, mind you (it always is...a lot of my really good "this is no shit" college stories involve parking from last year, plus we get to hang with our det. CO from two CO's ago; he runs parking for DPS and he's always got some great Air Force stories) but 6 hours in the sun while nursing a cold will wear you out, especially when you have pt the next morning at 0630.

But anyway, the cold is over, the homework is somewhat done, and I'm back in Ames tomorrow afternoon. So things should be back to normal around here, and I promise Tarmac Saturday for next week. Be sure to check out SJS's Flightdeck Friday for this week, it's one of my personal favorites: the Martin P6M SeaMaster, which was the Navy's flying boat jet powered version of an intercontinental nuclear bomber.