Thursday, September 07, 2006

How to tell you attend a State University

I hit a rut with my physics homework, so, since I don't have any class tomorrow (whoo!!) and can stay up a little later than usual (which should be evident by this 0200 post), I went for a jog around 0100. My usual path back to my apartment takes me by the ISU horse corral, where they keep the horses for Ag kids to mess around with. As I'm jogging by, I get the crap scared out of me when I realize there appears to be someone just loitering by the horses. Now, this area, while well lit, isn't exactly well trafficked, so it would be a prime spot for muggers, etc. So I give him/her a quick once over. Turns out it's two people: one appeared, in my non-glasses, vision impaired state, to be a rather "plain" female, while the other was a guy wearing a tucked in t-shirt, straight legged levis, a big belt, and cowboy boots.

As far as I could tell, they were on a "date" to look at the horses at 1 in the morning. Yeah. "Where do ya wanna go tonight hun?" "Why don't we go down and look at the horses." "That sounds like fun!"

You see some interesting things at 1 in the morning on a Wednesday night on a college campus, more so when you attend school in the middle of Iowa.