Friday, September 15, 2006

Turkish lawmaker violates Godwin's Law

In possibly the shortest time in history, as well. Only a day after the news story broke, a Turkish lawmaker has already compared Pope Benedict XVI to Hitler (and Mussolini, for good measure.) Let's do a short comparison: Hitler was responsible for butchering 10 million people in concentration camps, as well as starting a war that killed 60 million people. The Pope called out an ideology of hate and destruction for what it is. Those who follow that destruction of ideology and hate are responsible for the deaths of thousands over the past 30+ years.

I think I know who I would compare to Hitler.

You know, if I was the Pope, I would continue to fight fire with fire. They demand I apologize for "insulting Islam," I would demand that they apologize for not allowing Christians and Jews to openly practice their religion. For prohibiting the ownership of a Bible. For the killing of apostates. For the repression of women. For the continued adoration of a destructive and backwards lifestyle that has done more to harm world peace than anything else in the past 30 years.