Saturday, September 16, 2006

NYT (and the Pope) Cave

There are days when I really lose faith in the West. Wednesday was one, when NATO decided that it's not willing to fight. Today is another. The Pope said he was "sorry" over the remarks. So he's "sorry" for calling a spade a spade, and calling followers of a violent and destructive "religion" for what they are. The NYT follows suit, saying the Pope should offer a personal apology because "it is tragic and dangerous when one sows pain, either deliberately or carelessly." According to the Times, "He needs to offer a deep and persuasive apology, demonstrating that words can also heal."

You know what is even more painful than being told that you can't use the sword to spread your abomination of a religion? Losing 2,996 of my countrymen in a violent attack one day in September. Losing 3,000+ of my country's soldiers for bringing freedom to YOUR region because you are too incompetent and lazy to do it yourself. Not that you would if given the opportunity, but at least we're giving you a start. Most of all, coming to the realization that there are many in the West who fail to see the difference between us and them.

We believe in the freedom to do what you want, provided it doesn't hurt others. We believe in a secular society that doesn't mix government and religion. We believe in giving people the freedom to practice whatever religion they want, be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or Wicca. They believe in killing those who want to change religions. They believe in the wanton murder of innocents. They believe in a destructive abomination of a religion, the only major religion that still has a concept of holy war.

We're better than them. Our culture is better than theirs. Our "religion" (freedom of religion) is better than theirs. And until people in the West start to realize this, there's going to be hell to pay.

I realize this was a bitchy rant, but that's the mood I'm in now. I am sick and tired of Muslims acting like toddlers every time someone "insults" their religion. This abortion of a "culture" has been destroying their region, and the world, for centuries. Something has got to go.