Thursday, July 06, 2006

In other news...

...the U.N. still acts as the enabling hang out for petty pissant thugs. Witness reason #428,803,574 why the U.N. sucks: Draft Resolution demands Israel quit Gaza. The resolution goes on to call on Israel to "scrupulously abide by its obligations and responsibilities under the Geneva Convention." Please excuse me while I laugh my ass off. Seriously, this is too rich even for the Arabs. Calling on Israel to abide by the Geneva Conventions...does Arabic have a word for Geneva Convention? Judging by the behavior of their "combatants" over the past 30 years or so, I'd say not. When your resolution is condemned by France as being too one-sided, you know you have some real issues. But, to be fair, the resolution does say that all prisoners should be released. Presumably this includes Cpl. Shalit. And that should be enough. I mean, why wouldn't we trust an Israeli enemy's word on a captured Israeli soldier? It's not like this has happened before or anything.

UPDATE: I think I've figured out why France cares so much...Cpl. Shalit holds dual Israeli-French citizenship. I should have known better than to think France would take a stand out of pure altruism. There's always an angle with those tricky Frenchies.