Friday, June 23, 2006

More mediawar and stuff

Sorry about the lack of posting this week; I've been rather busy with my summer class and work. I do have a couple of longer posts in the pipeline, but they're still works in progress. Plus I'm just bummed about the U.S.'s loss to Ghana. Refs screw the U.S. team over again by awarding a penalty kick for a Ghanian player's flop. Pussies that flop and give soccer a bad name really piss me off. Anyway, we're out of the tournament, but I've got my two new bandwagon teams..Australia and Ghana. Ghana gets to play Brazil in their opening round of 16 game, but I think Ghana might actually have a chance: their defense looks surprisingly solid, and Brazil's play has been uninspired as of late; their back line also looks rather weak. Ghana's forwards definitely know how to take advantage of that.

Anyway, just wanted to post one quick link to a Donald Sensing piece over at Winds of Change that references a James Pinkerton column from today...dovetails nicely with a lot of the media stuff I've been discussing lately, namely the aspect that the media, like it or not, is aiding and abetting our enemy in this new form of 4th Generation Warfare.