Saturday, June 24, 2006

AP actually gets it right

Thought I would draw your attention to an AP article that caught my eye on Yahoo this's entitled "Guardsmen: Iraq a minute-by-minute battle," but it really is just a series of reflections and observations by a group of Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers who are returning from Iraq. The article doesn't try and impart any sort of spin, instead simply reporting what the soldiers say. A note to the AP writers and editors: this is exactly what a news article should look like. There isn't a round-up of the latest violence in Iraq, like there always seems to be at the end of unrelated articles on Iraq, there is no spin, no bias. Simply interviewing people and then reporting what they say. The Guardsmen have some interesting insights into the war, and don't try and varnish the truth. They simply tell it like it is, both good and bad. This is pathetic, and a horrible reflection on our news media, but I'm surprised this story even ran. The fact that it is balanced and doesn't reflect the biases of it's author makes me wonder how it slipped by the AP censors. Anyway, kudos to Kimberly Hefling, the reporter, for taking the time to write a balanced story about Iraq. This is what we need more of if we hope to win the larger conflict.