Friday, January 27, 2006

Random Comments

So I was doing some digging for an old post (it should be referenced in the post above this one), and I came across a comment on this post. Mind you, this is a post from last January...almost a year ago. The comment I'm referencing was written in September of this past year, 6 months after the original post. I have no idea how "You forgot that he's brought more instability to an area, pissed away America's deficit, repeatedly lied to the American people, killed hundreds and thousands while "liberating" (cough for oil, cough) these countries. You're an easily duped asshat fucknozzle but hey, Bush prays on unintelligent, unworldly, uneducated fucknuts like you so keep up the good work ignoramus, at least when this country is in shambles and the realization he's ruined the greatest country in the world comes out you'll be too damn stupid to notice."

Two points: I hate many things that Bush and the government as a whole does...any dumbass could read three posts on this blog and see that. Second, does anyone else thing it's pretty darn cool that I got called an "uneducated fucknut," an "ignoramus," and an "easily duped asshat fucknozzle" in the same comment? I mean, seriously...I can generally swear with the best of them, but I've only used fucknut maybe once, and I've never even heard fucknozzle used...ever.

So, Bitter, if you're still reading this, thanks for stopping by and providing me with a bit of humor on a Thursday night; more importantly, thank you for adding to my vocabulary of cussing...I'll be sure to use "fucknozzle" the next time I want to call someone really stupid.