Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear God, why?

If you are a gun lover (especially of the classics) prepare your eyes, for these next few pictures aren't pretty:

First up, we have a SBR Mosin-Nagant M44. Of course, it wasn't enough to SBR it, it was necessary to tactilol it out with a collapsible stock and optics, rails, vertical foregrip, and some other assorted crap on the front of the gunNext, we have a Garand that has had unspeakable horrors inflicted on it. One of the posters on the forum where I got these pictures from commented that seeing a fine old warhorse like a Garand desicrated like this reminded him of the pictures of animals wearing cute sweaters or the like and how they always have this look of abject disgust and a desire to kill the human responsible in a very cruel and unusual way. I can't say I disagree.
Here's one that's even sadder. Someone needs to either give these guns some TLC or put them out of their misery, because this state is just pathetic. These guns probably killed Nazis galore (on two fronts!), now they look like something you could buy at some crappy yuppy interior design store.
This one is just funny, because it is the ultimate in redneck ingenuity. I give you...the Remington 1740!
I've saved the worst for last. As someone who is a firm believer that John Moses Browning was God's gift to the gun world, it pains me to even look at this picture, much less comprehend that people have actually bought this crap. I post it only as a warning...just because you can does not mean you should.
Also, if you ever meet whoever was responsible for this abomination, please kick them in the nuts for me and then slit their throat. Preferably with a very dull knife.