Thursday, March 05, 2009

Humor of the Day

Comes from the letters section of the most recent issue of Air & Space. In the previous issue they had the first part of a series on the aircraft of Vietnam. It was on the Phantom. (This month's was on the Thud.) The following was anonymously sent in:

Low Flight

Oh, I have slipped through swirling clouds of dust,
A few feet from the dirt,
I've flown the F-4 low enough
To make my bottom hurt,
I've flown in the desert, hills, and valleys,
Mountains too,
Frolicked in the trees,
Where only flying squirrels flew.

Chased the frightened cows along,
Disturbed the ram and ewe,
And done a hundred other things
That you'd not care to do.
I've smacked the tiny sparrow,
Bluebird, robin, all the rest,
I've ingested baby eagles,
Simply sucked them from their nest.

I've streaked through total darkness,
Just the other guys and me,
And spent the night in terror of
Things I could not see.
I turned my eyes to heaven,
As I sweated through the flight,
Put out my hand and touched,
The Fire Warning Light.

-Poet unknown.