Thursday, March 12, 2009

Confusion and Misunderstanding

Pretty good video here detailing the differences between selective fire assault rifles and semi-automatic "assault weapons":

One minor beef: he makes full auto/NFA weapons sound harder to get than they actually are, but I'm willing to forgive that in the interest of simplicity and on account of the fact that he is in California, where they really are that difficult to acquire. However, the real problem is that the people he was probably most interested in reaching (those in the media) can't be reached because they either a) know better and are perpetuating blatantly wrong information in support of their chosen political position or b) don't know better but have no desire to be informed otherwise because it, again, supports their chosen political position.

Still, like I said, pretty good video. Good to show to a friend or acquaintance who has a desire to be educated.