Sunday, February 15, 2009

South Park Monday

Had to do something aviation related as apparently someone (who may or may not have been an AFROTC Cadet) was flying a remote controlled airplane around the Armory tonight and pissing off the hippies. I might have a little more sympathy if they didn't insist on building a house in the Armory every Sunday night...

UPDATE: I can indeed confirm that there was an r/c airplane being flown around the Armory, as I may or may not have buzzed a few of the hippies with it. We even thought ahead to maintain plausible deniability...the aircraft is modeled on one of those inferior Navy/Marine Corps short legged plastic bugs. The designers of the model also accurately modeled the type's poor performance and difficulty to fly by only allowing control along the yaw axis (although ironically enough, it actually does have fairly good high alpha control, just like the real Bug).