Sunday, February 08, 2009

Me - 1 Gun Grabbers - 0

Well, I suppose the closet full of C&R mil-surps would beg to differ with the "1" notation, but in any case, I now have in my possession a Superior Arms mid-length S-15 (their version of the AR-15). 16'' bbl, 6 position telescoping stock, also got 2 3o round mags (one Colt, one Brownells, got another 2 on the way from Brownells).

In other gun news, in the past few weeks I've taken possession of a Swiss K-31 with EXTREMELY rough wood but pristine metal and a brand new bore, a Hungarian Steyr M95 Carbine with a few small cracks in the wood in front of the receiver but gorgeous wood on the butt, and a Mosin Nagant M91/30 hex receiver with a nice surprise: brass inlays on the metal at the front and rear of the handguard. I might have a problem, but my logic is that I'm not going to buy hardly any ammo for any of these guns until I've got more money. In effect, the ammo for a few of my earlier purchased guns has been deferred in order to buy more guns. Heck, in the case of two of the guns I'd like to buy ammo for (the AR and M-1 Carbine) ammo is almost impossible to find, and that which is available is through the roof on price so I'm probably saving myself money in the long run by buying guns instead...minus the additional ammo costs from buying more guns.