Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Smoke

The past couple Sunday nights I have taken some time in the evening to enjoy a quality smoke. Now that I've got half a humidor full of good cigars, I've decided to make a post every Sunday reviewing the cigar I smoked, as well as any others I smoked that week. Don't expect much beyond the Sunday smoke though, because you can't like them too much since they're more expensive than drugs.

Anyway, tonight's smoke was a Drew Estate Acid One. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Drew Estate company, here's a good primer. The best word to describe their cigars would be "different." They take everything from wine to roses and infuse it with the tobacco in their cigars to create some flavors that I didn't think were possible in a quality tobacco product. The Acid One, while non-aromatic (unlike the rest of the Acid line) still has some very strong non-tobacco flavors. The first that hits you as soon as your lips hit the cigar (even before you draw smoke) is a very sweet, almost chocolate taste. Given that the wrap is pretty dark, a sweet taste is to be expected, but this is much beyond the faint hint of sweetness that is usual for a dark wrapper. This sweetness is the central flavor to the rest of the smoke. The smoke itself is very mild and light, a good draw. The cigar burned slowly and evenly. As the cigar progressed, I began to detect some hints of mint, which complemented the sweetness well. I was drinking a Sam Adams Boston Ale, mainly because that's all that is in my fridge at the moment, but I would be interested to see how this cigar would go with a sweeter beer, such as Sam Adams Cherry Wheat or Pyramid Apricot. It would also be interesting to see how it would fare against the opposite end of the spectrum, with a bitter hoppy beer, such as an IPA or the like. However, this is a powerful cigar, so a powerful beer is needed. The Boston Ale was a little overmatched.

Overall, a very enjoyable smoke. I think this would be a good smoke to offer someone new to cigars, as the mild sweet taste would be good for a beginner. However, don't mistake this for a simple cigar, as I am confident that there are several tastes I missed my first time around.