Thursday, August 14, 2008

Word from the CSAF

When he speaks, you just might want to listen:

CSAF Guidance
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CSAFs Perspective
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Thanks to SJS for putting these up. He's got some good selections from the slideshow and some thoughts on the matter, especially WRT the Navy's perennial problem.

Here's what stuck out to me...

Restore credibility on Capitol Hill one member (and staff) at a time

Sucking up to Congress-critters and getting them unpissed off at the USAF is going to be key to fixing things, KC-X aside (that's just a no-win situation).

Discover how the users of AF capability assess our performance and their comfort with the manner in which we provide that capability.

Acknowledgment that the USAF exists to provide capability to others? HERETIC!

"Everyone contributes" one has greater value to our collective mission than another.

That sound you just heard were several fighter pilots' heads exploding.

The entire "Guiding Principles" slide

This one sums it up: everyone is important and everyone is accountable.

Generally get back to the basics of precision and reliability that have sustained our reputation for decades.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so...We will look hard at third rail issues.

An observation...are there any issues in the AF today that AREN'T third rail issues? Just sayin'...

We will be devastating on poor performers and misconduct.

As long as the punishments are proportionally equal for junior SF enlisted who play video games while on guard during a NSI and O-6s who can't keep their pants zipped.

"Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power...done your way."

I think it should be official policy that any future mention of that standard USAF doctrine hooah must include the BK slogan after it. That's just awesome.

Exquisite support of Joint partners does not diminish us

That sound you're hearing are the rest of the fighter pilots' heads exploding.

Everything on slide #4 of CSAF Priorities

As long as "come to closure" means get it all wrapped up in less than a year, sounds good to me.

Ground forces have primacy in this fight

That's certainly a new thought from USAF leadership.

This is not a permanent condition

Over to you, "next war-itis" thinkers.

Not limited to: what we like doing, what we're good at, or where it fits our rhythm as a Service

That'll be something new: the Air Force doing something it doesn't enjoy doing. I don't think he's talking about playing badminton instead of golf.

Never unzip your zipper in public

Sounds good to me.

You will deal with politics...but you must remain and in retirement.

I have absolutely no idea who he may have been talking about.

Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic. It won't be easy, but I have some faith that he and SecAF Donley can manage to wrest the USAF out of the inverted flat spin it's currently in.