Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Negligent Discharge

If you handle and/or shoot firearms on anything approaching a regular basis (military, law enforcement, self defense, hunting, for fun, whatever) you owe it to yourself to read this account in full. A man committed a negligent discharge and shot himself in the leg with a .45 ACP round. In case you were wondering what that looks like...
Four of the five activities I listed above involve the use or possible use of firearms in order to kill someone or something. The moment you forget that is the moment that, at the very least, you end up with multiple 1 1/4 holes in your leg, a hospital stay, and multiple medical bills. At the worst, you won't have to worry about the medical bills.

Complacency kills.

P.S. - Kudos to this guy for manning up and putting his story out there so others can hopefully avoid his mistake. Like he says, there's no way that doing this will make what he went through "worth it," but at least others can learn.