Thursday, August 14, 2008

The '80s

I've held the belief that (mainstream) music in the '80s was largely a load of crap. I stumbled across this video earlier tonight and the prevalence of good music in the first minute (Floyd and Queen) made me reconsider my position, so I conducted an unscientific poll.

The results? Total clips contained in this video - 47. Clips from songs I consider "good" - 18.

Yup, (mainstream) '80s music largely sucked.

Addendum: I inserted (mainstream) because there was a lot of good music from the '80s (like punk and metal) that I don't consider "from the '80s" because it wasn't popular, at least not according to the charts. I think that the Clash and Maiden have withstood the test of time a little bit better than Wham! and Taco.