Sunday, August 31, 2008

Exchange this weekend

Place: smoking (poor quality...not my choice) cigars outside a friend's apartment on Hunt Street about half a block west of Welch.

Time: 0200 on Friday night/Saturday morning

Situation: A couple of females who could best be described as heifers (click on "Voices II" and then on "heifer") came stumbling by with a couple of (for their sake, hopefully drunk) guy friends, doing the "I'm an obnoxious overweight drunk girl and I want everyone to know it" thing, aka shouting and starting "fights" with their friends for no reason. One of the above described females comes stumbling back towards us after we thought she had gone away. The following exchange ensued:

Drunk Fat Girl (DFG) (talking directly to one of my friends): "Ohmygawd, you look just like Tony! I bet you get that a lot though."

My friend: "...uh, nope...I really don't."

DFG (to all of us): "So can you guys do coke?"

Us: "....what...? No, no...we really can't..."

DFG (to all of us): "Ohmygawd, that's lame..."

DFG goes waddling off.

This is before the Obama worker comes by to bitch about black people and then goes up to his room to blast Slipknot.