Sunday, August 31, 2008

That's Impressive

11 year old field strips and reassembles AR-15 in less than a minute:

h/t: Danger Room

Damn. For the record, that wasn't a complete function check. Also, I'd be interested to see her do that with a rifle that doesn't disassemble quite as easily as the AR...say, the greatest battle implement ever devised? Still, pretty impressive. I think DIs may have a new tool in their arsenal. In the past, they've used a certain scene from a certain movie to illustrate a good example of small unit tactics during a response to contact, also highlighting how quickly a Hollywood actor could do a mag change (right around 2:05 in the video). A Hollywood actor is one thing, but an 11 year old girl? If you can't beat an 11 year old girl that's really embarrassing.