Thursday, February 21, 2008

In which Hezbollah gets called a bunch of gaywads

"The World's 16 Least Inspiring Flags."

Everything from Antarctica to the Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, even the Special Olympics are not exempted. A taste:
Now we know the real reason the Special Olympians aren't allowed to compete in the regular Olympics: These mofos have SIX ARMS. How is that challenged? They can swim a lap in three strokes. They can box you in both kidneys and three spleens. And the hugs--the hugs would last for days.


Clearly, Libya wanted to immortalize the Green Revolution in flag form, but came up short on the "revolution" side, leaving a blank spinachy field. Possibly Moammar Qaddafi's lawn, possibly one of Qaddafi's millions of American petrodollars, possibly a tribute to Mark Rothko.
h/t: Danger Room.