Monday, February 18, 2008

Strategy Bleg

I'm (tentatively) starting up a military strategy discussion group here at school (hopefully) among the three branches. The plan is to discuss various aspects of military strategy, both old (Clausewitz, Sun-Tzu, etc.), new (COIN, U.S.-Chinese relations), and everything in between. Right now I'm looking for readings that can be used as a primer for various discussions. Ideally they would be available over the internet and relatively short (10-15 pdf pages). For example, I'll be using Kilcullen's 28 Articles as a part of a discussion about COIN. I'll take anything anyone has to offer, but I'm particularly weak in regards to naval strategy and some sort of primer on Clausewitz and Sun-Tzu. I've got selections from the original text I'd like to discuss, but I'm not sure if I want to unleash that right away without any sort of introduction.

Anyway, thanks in advance.