Thursday, November 08, 2007

Valour-IT Gun Update

Chris over at The Anarchangel has quite the deal related to Valour-IT if you happen to be interested in firearms; specifically, those of the pistol variety:
Given how short we are of the goal, I take little solace in the fact that we are beating Navy.

So, I'm going to up the ante a bit.

Anyone who donates to ANY of the teams, send me a copy of your PayPal donation receipt for at least $150 (which I will verify with the folks at Soldiers Angels); and the person who donates the most, will win one of these, along with 5 magazines:

That is an FEG PA-63, in 9x19 Makarov. It's a decent little pistol, sort of a cross between a Makarov and a PPKs. It was designed as a police service pistol for eastern europe, so it's easy to carry, but the trigger is kinda heavy.

The pistol the winner receives has only been test fired, with all the magazines. It was purchased in either new, or arsenal rebuilt condition from J&G sales (I honestly don't recall. I think it is unissued).


Also note, this pistol would not be recieved from, transferred from, or won from Valour IT or soldiers angels; it would be coming from me, Chris Byrne. This is my PERSONAL inventive to anyone who supports a charity I also support. No-one at Valour IT or Soldiers Angels is in any way involved in this little giveaway. So, if some anti-gun lunatic wants to get all pissy, they can come talk to me about it, not Valour IT. Personally, I know what my readers like, and that's guns; so I'm tailoring my challenge to the preferences of my readers. It's called "effective marketing".
There is some legal mumbo-jumbo (damn ATF), but if you are interested in this sort of thing it would at least be worth taking a look at.

Oh, and regardless...donate. Please. The Squids aren't going to beat themselves.

...which is another joke that writes itself.