Friday, November 02, 2007

USAF Blogging

Figures that as soon as I start bitching about the lack of USAF blogs on the intertubes there would be some sort of explosion in USAF-related blogging. Ah well, I'm not complaining...even if the reason for the explosion is a proposal to abolish the USAF.

Anyway, some good discussion in this roundtable, involving, among others, John from Opfor. Some related thoughts over at QandO. Finally, Bill Sweetman delivers what quite possibly might be the definitive smackdown of the Farley piece. Has some good points regarding the fact that the UAV spat between the USAF and Army wouldn't even exist without the R&D the USAF did; a nice burn on the Navy for LCS and the Army for their "Von Neumann machine"-esque FCS; and finally, a reminder of something I had forgotten about: the discussion back in the '60s regarding the use of the fixed wing G.91 by the Army in a FAC role.

While I'm inclined to largely inclined to agree with Sweetman (as is the bulk of the defense establishment, which is why the USAF will be around for a long time), that doesn't mean I don't have some serious problems with the way the USAF does business. Look for more on that this weekend.