Monday, November 05, 2007

Strategic Thinking

Herschel Smith over at The Captain's Journal has a very good piece up about Global Strategic Thinking, using the recent discussion about abolishing the Air Force as a springboard for discussing a lot of important issues facing the Armed Forces that are going to become increasingly urgent over the next decade. Money quote:

Empire building and self-preservation is the enemy of efficiency, and leadership, wisdom and foresight must come first from the highest levels of the Pentagon. For the first time in history, military blogs are read and digested by professional military, and actually have a role to play concerning open communication over everything from global strategy to unit tactics and equipment.

Globally strategic thinking is required, smartly applied to a collection of complex, symbiotic organizations. Thus far, the best that this community has been able to come up with is to bust up the Air Force and order them to report to the Army. We are off to a sorry and pitiful start.