Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's arrived

How do you know something like podcasting has truly arrived? Well, a good rule of thumb is that when an 86 year old man is doing it, almost anyone probably is. Oh, did I say 86 year old man? Sorry, I meant 86 year old retired judge, prosecutor, cop, and 1st Lt. Buck Compton. Yeah, THAT Buck Compton. He's got a website where you can listen to his commentaries. Now, fair warning, he isn't exactly the easiest to listen to, but I doubt anyone is when they're 86 years old. It's not like it's impossible or anything, and after all, it is Buck Compton. The man killed a Nazi by throwing a grenade with such precision that it detonated right as it contacted with the back of the guy's head, killing him instantly. His commentaries make some good sense and it's just cool to listen to someone from that generation speak about pretty much anything. If you're interested, go give him a listen.