Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Went out to the local range and got my hands on one of these today:I've been wanting to go shoot an XD for awhile now, primarily because I've been thinking about buying one. I was not disappointed. There's really nothing I can say I don't like about this gun. Good ergonomics, especially regarding the grip. Sights were standard iron but nothing to complain about there (and unlike their combat tupperwear competitors from Austria, these sights WERE actually iron). Trigger pull is clean and relatively light. Action is smooth and recoil was manageable (the gun I was shooting was chambered in .40 S&W). Considering how out of practice I was (last time I shot a handgun was at FT in June) I wasn't too disappointed in my shooting. Good groups if a little off the mark. One of the other guys I was there with was shooting a Kimber 1911 in .45 ACP (can't remember the exact model), the other was shooting a Beretta 8000 in 9mm. The Kimber did not disappoint, as always, although I have to say I think .45 ACP may be a bit much. It was manageable, but I felt the .40 S&W was a better fit for me. The Beretta, on the other hand, was a, well, Beretta. Handled similar to the M9 I qualified on at FT. At the time I didn't really mind the DA/SA trigger mechanism, but today when going straight over to that from the striker fired XD and the SA Kimber the DA/SA was a little annoying. That first long trigger pull seemed to go on forever, and I can't really see that being an asset in a tactical situation. The 9mm was of course manageable, but I just don't like it as a chambering. If you're interested in target practice, use a .22. If you're interested in targets that move, you really shouldn't go below .40 S&W automatic-wise. (Revolvers are a different story, but I really don't care for revolvers. A personal thing I guess.) In any case, there are definitely worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Of course, afterwards we made the mistake of going to Cabela's where I found exactly what I'm looking for. XD sub-compact, 3'' barrel, in .40 S&W. It's *only* $550, the problem is I definitely do not have $550 lying around.
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