Thursday, June 07, 2007

Launch the SAR Birds!

Yeah, I've just been busy...between working 10-11 hour days, working out for an hourish after work, reading memorizing my Field Training Manual and other assorted bits of information I need to know frontwards and backwards before I go to Maxwell, and going to Iowa on the weekends to see the girlfriend/having the girlfriend come see me, there just hasn't been much time.

Which isn't an excuse, just more of a justification. On the plus side, I shot some trap out at her place last weekend and proved that I still know how to make blue rock shatter. Which is nice.

However, as previously mentioned, FT is rapidly approaching, so I make no promises as to blogging frequency. 41 days and a wake-up. 41 days, you say, that's a long time. Ah, but you see, I'm counting down to when I'm DONE with FT. I leave 20 June. Which is considerably closer than 41 days. In any case, I hope to have some sort of arrangement where I can get someone to post letters from FT. The only problem might be possible OPSEC issues, which sounds rather stupid, but there are things that I may want to write home about from FT that shouldn't be getting out on the web. So we'll see about that.

Well, time to make some phone calls/eat dinner/read the FTM/go to bed. Till next time...