Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FT Moment of the Day

...comes to you via Noonan over at OPFOR. He's discussing the recent decision by Marine Commandant Gen. Conway to lower the drinking age for overseas Marines on liberty and Marines at official events from 21 to 18 (great idea, IMHO). As a counter-point, he offers up the nannyism of the USAF, where, as you should all know, we have a Culture of Responsible Choices. His example from FT of this nannyism is where we pick up the story...
"I remember at Air Force field training, a kind of lame ROTC boot camp and an absolutely magnificent waste of time for a VMI man, Cadet Ten pct. asked this forehead slapper: "Sir are Catholics authorized to consume the ceremonial wine used in the celebration of the Eucharist?" The captain had to go confer with a council of other officers to decide as to whether or not Catholic cadets could freely practice their religion. Yes, we're that lame sometimes."
I would say un-frickin'-believable, but I totally believe that something that retarded could happen in today's Air Force. This is the Air Force that thinks giving you a motorcycle safety briefing gives you magical powers to avoid dying on your motorcycle. More importantly, this is the Air Force that holds your supervisor accountable if that magic somehow fails and you are injured/die while riding said motorcycle.

I thought there was a war on, but I guess I mistook it for the latest briefing on how to safely get out of bed in the morning.