Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yet another reason to join the Air Force

Now with 50% more threesomes!

No, seriously...I'm not making this up:
"SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany — A Spangdahlem-based airman was sentenced Monday to four months confinement for her part in a sexual act with two other airmen.

Airman 1st Class Ashley N. Rains pleaded guilty at a court-martial to two indecent acts charges.

She had faced rape and sodomy charges but admitted to the lesser charges as part of a plea deal.


The alcohol-induced menage a trois on Sept. 24 in Bitburg included a male airman and a female staff sergeant.

But both prosecution and defense lawyers debated whether it was consensual among the three.

Rains and Airman Christopher D. Hicks are the only airmen charged in the incident because the Air Force lawyers said the staff sergeant was too drunk to give consent.

Air Force prosecutor Capt. Mike Felsen said the staff sergeant “appeared drunk” and slipped “in and out of consciousness” while Rains and Hicks performed sexual acts with her.

Felsen argued the staff sergeant, who did not testify during the trial, was vulnerable and Rains and Hicks took advantage of her.

But Rains’ defense attorney, Capt. Matthew King, called the incident a situation involving three consenting adults with “various degrees of intoxication.”

King argued that Rains shouldn’t go to jail for what amounts to a drunken threesome.

“Does she really have to go to jail for this?” he asked."

Good question. It does seem kind of silly to have someone go to jail for four months for a threesome. Not that I'm really surprised...the USAF likes to regulate/ban/punish anything that is remotely fun. Still, the only way this should be an issue was if there was a superior/subordinate relationship involved...and if that was the case, the SSgt should be getting hit even harder than the junior Airmen.

But that's not happening. So either the SSgt is getting off, or there was no superior/subordinate relationship and I have to question why the severe punishment.

In any case..."Join the Air Force, do two chicks at the same time."